Tooth Fillings

We focus mainly on tooth colored restorations which promote better esthetics and function. Simple tooth colored composite fillings allow for more minimally invasive procedures with less removal of tooth structure. Full porcelain inlays, onlays and crowns can add strength to weakened teeth without compromising natural appearance.  These restorations are aesthetically pleasing and very strong thanks to new bonding technologies.

Advantages of Tooth-Colored Restorations

There are many advantages to tooth-colored restorations. Ceramic restorations are bonded to the teeth creating a tight, superior fit to the natural tooth. Such restorations can be used in instances where much of the tooth structure has been lost. The tooth remains intact and stronger.

The result is a beautiful smile!

Your teeth are restored to a natural look and feel, they are stronger and the tooth is protected!

After Tooth Colored Restorations

Review our home instructions for after Composite Fillings (White Fillings).

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